Board & Session Members

The Ladywell Congregational Board & Kirk Session meets at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of the month.

The Board is made of our members of the session and also members of the congregation. The board is responsible for the fabric of the church, halls and manse. They organise various functions throughout the year to help raise funds.


Colin McKenzie 1956
Sandy Farquharson 1957
Jackie Monteith 1980
Walter Sillars 1980
William Ross 1985
Anne Love 1985
Peter Ferguson 1985
Evelyn Sillars 1987
Grace O’Rourke 1990
Robert Fleming Jnr 1990
Linda Weston 1995
Anne Renton 1998
Helen McGregor 1998
Margery Bain 2001
Karen Christie 2009
Joyce Maitland 2014
John Young 2014
Richard Johnson 2014



 Marjory Kuhlwilm Betty Stewart
 Mary Robertson Sylvia Barclay
 Mary Carroll  Ellen Meldrum