Welcome Teams

When you arrive at church on a Sunday morning you will be greeted by one of our Welcome Teams. The teams are made up of members of the Congregational board and session members.

The duties of the Welcome Teams are to hand out hymn books and gather in the collection.


Team 1

Willie Ross (Leader)
Mary Robertson
Linda Weston (Counting Only)
Peter Ferguson
John Young

Team 2

Jackie Monteith (Leader)
Karen Christie
Marjory Kuhlwilm
Robina McAnish

Team 3

Richard Johnston (Leader)
Betty Stewart
Joyce Maitland
Anne Love

Team 4

Gil Sillars (Leader)
Mary Carroll
Ellen Meldrum
Grace O’Rourke

Special Communion Welcome Team

Marjory Kuhlwilm (Leader)
Betty Stewart
Mary Carroll
Ellen Meldrum
Robina McAnish


6th December Team 4
13th December Team 1
20th December Team 2
27th December Team 3
3rd January Team 4
10th January Team 1
17th January Team 2
24th January Team 3
31st January Team 4